Gamification – What is Gamification and Why in Matters in the Online Casino World?

‘Gamification’ is the theory that applying gaming elements to a process will boost engagement and retention. It is commonly used in marketing to attract new customers. In the online and land-based casino world, the term is often applied to the introduction of video game-like features used in casino and betting games: such as well-known characters, leaderboards and high scores, promotional games and more.

The Best Gamification Casinos

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Gamification Explained

Gamification is a theory that has long been used in business and in marketing to boost overall engagement with a product or service. It plays on studies that show people are more responsive to situations with a fun and competitive element. Making situations more like video games is a way to encourage involvement and also to raise satisfaction. Examples of gamification in the wider world include loyalty schemes with tiers for point collection, mini games offered by takeaways in exchange for discount codes and click and collect games that promote a service or product.

In the casino world, the term is often applied to the use of video game design and story elements in standard slot and table games. Adding extra features to slots games such as bonus rounds where the player makes decisions or moves through levels is a sure way to improve engagement with that game. Casino competition models online often use gamification techniques as well: players have to complete certain tasks to earn a loyalty reward, or take part in some quiz or puzzle to receive an entry into a prize draw. Sometimes entry into these promotional games will depend on the player’s wagering on a particular day or week, which makes the players more competitive and involved in the action. All of these techniques are designed to keep the players happy – and to encourage them to spend more time and money at the venue.



Unlockable Features And Experience

Currently, a popular element to online gaming is unlockable content. These are easy features to add to the online casino industry. Unlockable content can work in one of two ways. Either the content must be purchased, or the content must be unlocked by certain in-game achievements. For example, if you can make a wager exceeding a certain value in a blackjack game you will receive access to new tables or a new section in a virtual in-game casino. Unlockable content adds great incentives for players. In game experience points and levelling up works much in the same way. The more you complete a certain action in the game world, the more experienced you become, granting you additional in access to new features, tables or characters to further the narrative.


Involving Narratives

Adding a story to an online casino game is a great way to engage players and keep them entertained. The industry is full of simple games where you place your wagers and spin the wheel of chance with no added incentive to keep playing.

With a narrative structure, casino games can become much more involved and fulfilling. As an example, you can add a storyline to a blackjack game where you must work your way from being a small time gambler to a casino mogul.


Bonus Rounds

A bonus round is an extra round or section whilst playing a game that generally comes at no extra cost but still enables you to win money or prizes. This normally occurs either by chance or by achieving a certain goal during the game, enabling the player to partake in the bonus round. Bonus rounds can ultimately lead to a bigger payouts. Usually, when players talk about Bonus rounds they are referring to slot games.

Certain games will have a bonus round at some point in order to entice you to choose to play it over other similar games. The bonus round can come at any time and completely depends on the game you are playing.

There are many bonus rounds, but the most popular one is the “free spins” feature, that only occurs after you have a certain amount of icons either aligned or scattered on the screen. The free spins bonus round will give you a certain amount of free spins, which is generally dependent on a number of certain icons that appear. This then enables you to play the game and win money without having to invest anything on those spins. 

Ultimately you’ll want to find a bonus round that is uncomplicated and easy to both win and understand. Sometimes a bonus round will be too difficult to attain, thus making the game more frustrating than anything else, whilst a bonus round that is easy to understand will generally be a lot easier to play and a lot more enjoyable. Find a game with a bonus round that’s right for you and you’ll have a lot more fun playing it.


Free Spins Bonuses

A Free Spins Bonus is the name given to one or a number of free spins of a slot machine’s reels without the player having paid any money or tokens to do so. Free Spins Bonus is the most common type of no deposit bonus, favored by online casinos around the world and loved by players.

Free Spins Bonuses are very often given away as no deposit bonuses by a number of online casinos. To receive them, the player need only sign up to their chosen online casino. And, upon doing so, the casino in question will simply apply them to the player’s account to use at their leisure. Although Free Spins Bonuses tend to make players excited at the prospect of being in with a chance of winning some money for (technically) free, a lot of casinos will apply specific wagering requirements to them. This means that money – jackpots, usually, or bigger wins – won from Free Spins require the money to be played a few times through before it can be claimed.


In game bonuses

An ‘in game bonus’ is an additional prize or reward for the player which appears while the game is in play. The most common use of the phrase is in online slots play, where it refers to a bonus round or enhanced play that appears as the result of a spin or win. Progressive jackpots are a common form of in game bonus. Any game can offer in game bonuses, including offline table and card games.

Looking To The Future

Casino gamification is the next, natural step in online gaming. It will add much needed depth to the casino experience and will also keep players happy and entertained. It’s just one of the many ways the industry has evolved over the years, and it’s set to keep on shifting and changing as technology and ideas progress and advance.


What is Gamification – Introduction to Gamification
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