Both secure and highly reputable, Visa is widely used by a tremendous amount of Europeans as well as other people from across the globe to transfer funds online in order to purchase goods and services. In terms of online casinos, it is also the most common method of payment method which is accepted for both deposits and withdrawals. If you’ve found yourself browsing the net for a trustworthy Visa Online Casinos Review, then you’ll certainly be glad to know that you’ve landed on the right site as casino experts at have managed to compile a comprehensive one for you to read through and hopefully, use.



Visa is an American financial services corporation which was founded in 1958 and has grown into an international company throughout the years. The company helps to facilitate electronic funds throughout the world. It does not issue cards itself, but provides banks with Visa-branded payment products that are used to offer credit, debit and cash-access programs to their customers. With that being said, obtaining a Visa is quite easy and must be done through the bank. 



Visa cards have been used to make payments by gamblers ever since online casinos emerged on the net. Visa is a means of transferring funds electronically across countries using a personal credit card or debit card that is issued by your local bank. It is one of the most credible and widely-used methods of payment available the world over. A few years ago, VISA cards were probably the most used payment method used by gamblers. However, as of recently this has changed due to the emergence of e-wallets, prepaid (debit) cards, prepaid vouchers etc. This is due to the fact that most of the time payments are made promptly whilst using one of these alternative methods.




1) Choose A Visa Online Casino From Our List

Once you’ve chosen a site to sign up on and are ready to make a deposit, you’ll find that the minimum and maximum deposit amounts vary. Many casinos will let you make a deposit for as little as $ 10 and a maximum of up to $ 5.000. Moreover, you’ll also find that you’ll be subjected to a fee of 2% – 3% which is normally applied to each deposit you’ve made on your selected online casino. Nonetheless, sometimes you’ll also find that casinos will not charge you the service fees, if the deposit exceeds a certain amount.


2) Navigate To Your Casino Of Choice’s Payment Option Page

Once you’ve navigated your way to the payment page of your chosen online casino website you have to choose ‘Credit Cards’ as a payment option.


3) Select Visa As Your Card Of Choice

Next, you have to select ‘VISA’ as the credit/debit card you’d like to use.


4) Enter The Amount You Desire To Deposit

Fill in the amount you’ll like to deposit in the field provided by the online casino.


5) Fill In Your Card Details

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to then fill in your details. In essence, this means that you’ll have to fill in your VISA card number, your name, the card’s expiration date, as well as the 3 digit CVC security code that you’ll find written on the back of the card that you wish to use. After this you must then proceed to indicate the exact amount of money that you wish to deposit on the online casino of your choice. The system will then make you verify all your payment details and confirm your transaction. The money should then be available in your account as soon as your transaction is complete.




1) Navigate To The Online Casino’s Withdrawals Page

The first step in cashing out your winnings is to navigate to your online casino’s withdrawals page. Here you’ll be given a variety of payment options through which you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings.


2) Select ‘Visa’ As A Withdrawal Method

Select Credit and Debit Cards as a withdrawal method and then go on to select Visa.


3) Fill In Your Card Details

If you’ve found that you’ve won an amount you’d like to withdraw, you must also provide your name, credit card number along with the expiration number of your card and the 3-digit CVC number. Nonetheless, you as a player should note that not all online casinos will allow their players to withdraw funds by using their VISA card. Hence, we highly recommend that you have a look at the site’s terms and conditions before you proceed to signing up as you might eventually have to use another payment method to transfer your winnings.



When depositing money to your chosen online casino site, you should expect your funds to be deposited into your account in real time, and more than likely, your “available” bank balance will also be usually updated right away. However, when withdrawing winnings from a casino you should expect between 3 to 5 working days for the funds to reach your credit card, even though your casino balance will be updated in real time. Once again, there may be minimum and maximum withdrawal limits in place, similarly to when you’re making a deposit.




Can Be Used Globally

Safe & Secure Method Of Payment

Large Amounts Can Be Deposited

A Large Number Of Casinos Accept Visa




Not All Online Casinos Allow Withdrawals Via Visa


Although a number of online casinos allow withdrawals via Visa, there are some that will only allow you to make deposits. 


 Using Prepaid Visa Cards Requires You To Pay Fees Upfront When Depositing

The use of prepaid cards at visa casinos will require you to pay an upfront Fee which is included in the transaction you make whilst depositing funds. 


Gambling Deposits Made With Visa In The Us & Canada May Get Rejected

Due to the complicated regulations in regards to US Casinos and Canadian Casinos, deposits may sometimes get rejected. However, this is not always the case.

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