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Saastopankki is a Finnish bank with a strong reputation in the online service and gambling market. The bank is well-known for its high-security measures over transactions and customer protection. It features low depositing fees for gambling players and higher transaction limits. It has great advantages for all players using it and it has gained its popularity as a well-established and trusted bank institution for all transfers in online casino venues.

However, let’s take a closer look at Saastopankki Casinos. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed review of Saastopankki as a payment method to online casino venues. We will discuss the process of making a transaction to your casino balance, the advantages and benefits for the players who use it, features and bonuses available with Saastopankki deposits, and provide a detailed answer to all commonly asked questions along the way. Read more about the Finish payment method you can easily use below!


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A Closer look at Saastopankki in 2020


Saastopankki is a bank corporation based in Finland. It provides online payment services for all Finish customers. With Saastopankki you can make any type of transactions to online merchandisers, person-to-person, pay your e-bills, and conduct online casino payments. It has an established reputation amongst its customers as it has been on the market for over 190 years.

It has developed over the years and the bank now has over dozens of branches in Finland. Many customers rely on their payment services and conduct millions of transactions daily. It is so popular in Finland and amongst Finland citizens that most online casino venues offer Saastopankki as a payment option on their platform. For gambling players, this is a spectacular advantage as they can use a payment they already trust and are familiar with.


Real Money Deposits and Withdrawals with Saastopankki


Depositing with Saastopankki is extremely simple. All that is required for the transactions is to have a bank account with the Saastopankki bank. You can open one at any of their bank branches if you haven’t already. Sign up at the online casino venue you want to play and open the deposits page. Select Saastopankki as a payment option from the list (make sure your casino supports this payment method). You will have to verify your personal and banking information and input the amount of the deposit you want to transfer.


Saastopankki Deposits are Safe


You press the confirmation button on the page and send out the deposit, as request. If you use Bank ID it’s even easier, you open the Bank ID app and confirm the transaction from there, without having to go through the verification process. Once that is done the deposited amount will be available at your casino balance in just a few minutes. You can almost instantly start playing games and enjoying all the fun.

One of the greatest advantages of Saastopankki Casinos is that they have a withdraw option as well. To make a withdrawal head over to the cashiers’ section at the casino platform and open the withdrawal page. Select Saastopankki as a withdraw option. Verify your personal and banking information in the required fields and fill in the amount you want to withdraw. Withdrawing takes up to 4 business days to be available in your bank account. However, the transaction process is extremely secure and trustworthy.


Using Saastopankki Has Unique Advantages


• Saastopankki bank has high-security measurements, as well as data protection and trustworthy transaction processes;
• Customer service is available to all clients within a wide time-range from 8AM to 10PM on working days, as well as on Saturdays – you can contact the customer support regarding any issues, misunderstandings or complications;
• Low-transaction fees of 1.95% for all payment operations are applied via Saastopankki;
• Depositing with Saastopankki has a higher range of transaction limits of €20.000 for all players who want to transfer bigger sums;
• The transaction process is user-friendly and smooth;
• Deposits from the bank are available via Bank ID with no additional verifications and account registrations needed;
• Saastopankki supports both deposit and withdrawals options;
• Saastopankki Casinos are widely available as Saastopankki payment method is supported by most popular or newly-come casino venues.


New Casinos that Accept Saastopankki in 2020


The online world is constantly changing and the same goes for the gambling market. New casinos open their platforms to players monthly. However, some are better than others. They provide better features, work with established game providers, and have the best security available. To help you out to choose those that suit your needs the most, we, at CassinoDaddy.com, have gathered a list of all the new operators of 2020.

You can read detailed reviews on all new casinos and what they have to offer. We make sure to update our content daily and keep up with the latest news. Find out which casino venues support Saastopankki payment options as we have researched that for you as well, and pick your favorite! 


Live Casinos that Accept Saastopankki


Many live casinos accept Saastopankki. With just a few clicks and a deposit with Saastopankki, you can enjoy all their astonishing features. Such as authentic casino atmosphere, all the casino elements you love, social interactions with other players, and most importantly live-video sessions with a live-dealer during the games.

The gameplay is the most realistic you can find in online casino games and makes you feel like you are playing at a real casino, not in the virtual world. And what is the best thing about it – you can play from anywhere you might be, on the go or straight from the comfort of your home. Major Saastopankki Casinos have a live casino section full of games and exciting options. Pick yours now and you won’t miss out on all the fun!


Saastopankki Deposits can be used at Every Major Mobile Casino


The online world can be accessed not only through PC but from mobile phones and tablets. That is why casino venues have to make their platforms compatible with all devices, as well as mobile ones, to keep up with the innovations. After all, casino venues have the main purpose of giving you the best possible experience while gaming.

Nowadays, almost all major casino venues have platforms available to mobile phones on IOS and Android. That is why players can enjoy casino games on the go at all times with the same features and quality. Fortunately, mobile casinos support various payment methods, just like their PC counterparts. Saastopankki Mobile Casinos are very popular because using Saastopankki will enable you to make easy payments, with very low fees, in just a few clicks, directly from your bank account. With Saastopankki you can start playing casino games on your mobile in a matter of minutes. 


Saastopankki issues both debit and credit cards


Saastopankki Casinos in the US and Other Countries


Saastopankki is a bank that operates in Finland and is mainly established to serve Finnish customers, as a financial institution. All gambling players that have a bank account with Saastopankki can make payments in online casinos in a very straight-forward manner. It serves all the needs and essential requirements of Finnish gambling players and provides astonishingly quick and simple transactions.

Unfortunately, as it is available only for those who have accounts in Saastopankki and are residents of Finland, it is not available to the US and other European and non-European countries. However, there are many other convenient payment solutions provided for players from other countries. You can find more payment options reviews on our site and make a choice which one to pick that suits your requirements and needed features.


Saastopankki Casino Bonuses


Saastopankki Casinos come with great benefits to players. Once you make a payment deposit with Saastopankki you can claim exciting welcome packages and awesome bonuses for more thrilling gaming sessions. We have a special page for you with the best casino bonuses in 2020, a review on what they are and their perks for the players, as well as the best casino venues you can claim them at. Here are some of the finest bonuses you can find:

300% Casino Deposit Bonuses – get to triple the volume of your deposits at your first gaming session to make it last longer and have the opportunity to get familiar with the game’s ins and outs;

Free Spins – get to have more fun, enjoyment, and excitement when you play free spins that you can actually win money from! It’s one of the most popular and loved gaming welcome packages – players all over the world appreciate the complimentary spins;

Cashback Casino Bonuses – you receive a percentage bonus based on your losses so that you can continue playing longer and have a better chance on the next round of wagers;

Register at any casino venue from our list of recommendations for a chance to claim exclusive unique bonuses – specially negotiated for our readers at CassinoDaddy.com!


Saastopankki Fees and Charges with Online Casinos


Saastopankki bank transactions are well-known for their low fees of a 1.95% fee on all operations. Depositing with other wire transfer methods at your online casino might be complicated and cost you more. But with Saastopankki you can make a transaction with a low-fee and not worry about spending too much on charges – that’s more money for you to enjoy your favorite casino games. Another great advantage is that Saastopankki has a minimum deposit of €1.

But keep in mind that most casino venues have a policy that states that players need to have at least €20 in their casino balance to start playing the games. You can check out at your casino of choice to make sure of the limits. With Saastopankki, if you need to have a higher amount of money transferred, that is possible as well. Saastopankki’s maximum deposit is €20.000.


Saastopankki works with VISA for their range of cards


Saastopankki Deposit and Withdrawal times at Online Casinos


Deposits at Saastopankki Casinos are extremely quick. Once you submit your deposits, the money is available on your casino account balance in a few minutes. You can deal with your money fast and start playing without having to wait for hours or even days for the money to arrive – which is not only annoying but unheard of in 2020, especially when using Bank ID as a verification method – the deposit is confirmed even faster.

There is no other kind of information you need to provide. Keep in mind that payments from Saastopankki are processed on the same business day, during the working hours. The same applies for withdrawals. However, cashing out takes up to 4 business days. The Saastopankki bank always processes the transactions, especially as it is a bank that works with Euteller.



Some Important Questions and Answers about Saastopankki Casinos 

đź’­ Is Saastopankki safe to use?

Yes, Saastopankki is a well-established secure bank corporation with modern technology security measurements and constant monitoring over conducted transactions.

đź’­ Can I use Saastopankki in the US?

Saastopankki is a Finish bank made to serve Finish gambling players. It is available for only Finish users that have an account with the bank. Unfortunately, US players will have to find another convenient payment method.

đź’­ Is Saastopankki only used for deposits?

Saastopankki can be used for both deposits and withdraws.

đź’­ What other e-wallets are there?

For those who prefer using e-wallets, the bank is perfectly compatible with Euteller. You can read more about it on our payment recommendations page.

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