Gamification – Introduction and Presentation of the Gamification Casinos in the Finland

Gamification in an online casino context is when elements of game mechanics are integrated into the casino sites. This makes online casinos feel like they are a game in their own right. It makes for immersive game play that is both fun and exciting. By giving players goals to reach for, leader boards to compete in, contests to win, and the ability to interact socially. Gamification is triggering all the right pleasure centres in the brain and you could say appealing directly to human nature. You get to work towards goals, races on leader boards, and interact with other players socially. All of this makes for a more compelling casino experience. In reality gamification is a modern approach to the regular VIP Loyalty Programs, creating a new and more fun way to reward the most loyal casino players.

The trend really begun in 2014 with Casumo Casino. Other casinos poked and prodded the industry, but Casumo was the first casino that felt like a real adventure, rather than a site. Since then we have seen one or two great and unique releases a year. Kaboo Casino, the out of this world gamification platform, was released in 2015 and a few months later, in the beginning of 2016, Rizk Casino and Casino Heroes were introduced. Another great gamification site for 2016 was Ikibu Casino, followed by Fantasino Casino in 2017.

Top Gamification Casinos

KarjalaNorges AutomatenYeti CasinoJackpot CityParklane
Karjala NettikasinoNorges AutomatenYeti NettikasinoJackpot NettikasinoParklane Nettikasino
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General Guide and Topics related to Gamification


Unlockable Content


The use of gamification can give a casino the edge in the marketplace, as gambling at a gamified casino can be a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience than gambling at a non-gamifed one.


Unlockable content is content which a player can access once they have passed a certain stage in a game or level in a casino, or gathered a certain number of points.


Instead of simply playing against a computer, in tournaments, players get to compete with their fellow gamblers.




Virtual Currency

Narratives are the story-line that you follow as you play a game. Features of narratives include plot, characters, themes and music.


A casino’s community is their customers, and there are various ways in which casinos try to make gambling at their casino more sociable. For instance, they might allow players to create user profiles, or allow them to talk to each other on forums.


A virtual currency is a currency created by a casino that can be exchanged for other items of value at that casino, such as high street shopping vouchers, or to unlock new games.



Levelling Up

Levelling-up refers to the process by which a player moves up a level within a game, or within a casino as a whole.




How the Gamification Trend Started?

It is difficult to say exactly what brought about this gamification trend. We believe the introduction of mobile devices, and the year on year growth of online casinos, has created a hyper competitive market. New casinos award bigger and better bonuses every year, but the question quickly became, how to keep the players happy and excited? Gamification was the answer for many online casinos, but it does not appeal to all audiences. It can look a little childish to some casino players or make a the casino confusing if it is not done properly, and we think this is why gabling sites targeting the mass market stay away from Gamification. Online Casinos that target High Rollers and decorate themselves in a regal theme prefer to offer the regular VIP Loyalty Programs to reward their players.


How Gamification Casinos Work?

Achieving goals are pretty much a standard addition of all gamified casinos and it is the sense of achievement that gamification stimulates in the brain. There is normally a reward for achieving the goal. The casino might give you a dozen Free Spins because you bet over €150 and won over €200 in blackjack. Giving players targets, that they have to meet, motivates them to play more; and at times that they wouldn’t. At the some time you will get loyalty points every time you wager and every time you achieve a goal. They are collected as you bet on the casino, and once you accumulate enough of them, you can use them to purchase free spins, bonus rounds, entry into raffles, other gamification games– wheel of fortune, pick and choose, – and the points are arranged into the leader boards described earlier. Casumo casino, is a casino which has loyalty point game mechanics. You earn them just by wagering, and then they can be used to buy free spins, and other bonuses. Casumo also awards trophies for your achievements, but they do absolutely nothing.


Unlockable content

Unlockable content is practically the whole point of casino gamification. It might be the next level, or a special game, but it is always something that you can’t otherwise access. It creates a story line or adds a narrative to the casino with that comes a sense of progression. This is its power. You are advancing in the game and that gives you something to come back to. You can play at the same casino forever if it is always changing. Ikibu Casino is a new casino with unlockable levels. The implied storyline is that you are exploring and island, so when you move up a level you move on a map and changes are made to the colour scheme, and background image. All the levels have their own bonuses and promotions. You move up the levels with a virtual game currency known as seeds. They are won in a leader board style race. Ikibu has a little of everything.


Trends for Gamification Casinos

Gamification is happening. We will continue to see online casinos including game mechanics into their sites, and they will get better and better at it. At the moment, there are only a few online casinos that are made to give out rewards based on gamification. We have all won bonuses by spinning a wheel, or ranking on a leader board, but that’s not all. This gamification trend will continue, and as that happens casinos are going to build better features, and find even more ways to integrate gaming mechanics into their mobile sites.

Gamification will require more input from the players. We can look forward to emerging technology like Virtual Reality gamifying the casino industry and increased uptake of mobile and wearable devices. We expect that the bonuses will change, since casinos will play like games in their own right. The trends in the Gamification Casinos focus on the following principles:


Own Currency

Virtual currency is going to be the next big thing in gamification. Most of the new casinos will use their own currency system. A lot of casinos are bringing out games that let you wager more real money for game credits, and they will continue to use systems like this. The virtual currency needs to have more value and uses, and we will continue to exchange real money for it. Definitely not just a passing trend.


Virtual Reality

Advances in technology and a decent amount of hype has put VR in a position to take off. A lot of the interest for VR systems come from the casino industry. This ties in nicely with gamification, because we don’t see what else a VR headset could do but make a casino into a game. A virtual reality headset costs between €200 to €800, and before you even think about powering it, you need a computer capable of running it. Once these costs come down, or the perceived need for these devices rises, VR gambling in gamification casinos will take off.


In-Game Gamification

It sounds a bit redundant to talk about making a game more like a game, but it is happening and online slot developers are putting scoring systems into casino games, tracking wins, and telling stories. Not much has been done with table games yet. We have seen a lot more tracking and trophies being awarded for games like, but online casinos are hesitant to change must about table games. Most narrating in slots if done by telling stories with symbolism, but some online slots are build to unlock another game in the game after winning or achieving some goals. We are expecting the online slots of the future to become more of an arcade game where you will be winning money when moving to the next level.


New Themes and Narratives

All gamification casinos have a story. Things happen one after the other, and they allow the player to learn and growth with them. The narrative follows your progress at the casino, and it weaves a story line into your wins and losses. One of the coolest themes in the industry is the Kaboo Casino space adventure, you travel through space to different planets and the imagery tells the story and at every new planet you are rewarded with extra spins and bonuses. Gamification themes and narratives still have a long way to go and we expect to see new casinos pushing the barriers on that field.


Social Media Integration

We will see much more social gamification in the coming years being used to motivate you to share, post, tweet, or refer a friend. By sharing the gamification achievements on social media, the gamification casino will give you more points if you engage in social gamification.



Furthermore, online casinos often construct their gamification around leaderboards. The idea is very simple and it’s about points, once more, only they’re gained through the playing of certain online slots, for example. Again, the more points you acquire, the higher up the leaderboard you go. Seeing yourself on the top of the board is always a good feeling, but more than that, some casinos will also provide treats for the victorious players as another form of motivation.

There’s one such leaderboard (and more!) at Rizk Casino, for example. You join daily races, accumulate points and climb up the leaderboard. What’s more, whenever you play online slots at Rizk Casino, you also fill a power bar, which in turn brings you closer to another type of gamification, Wheel of Rizk with plenty of rewards awaiting there!


Goals, Adventures and Missions

This type of gamification may just be the most creative one yet. Why? Because, basically, casinos can come up with just about anything and, as long as you work towards the set goal or try to complete the mission at hand, boredom will not be in the cards… and treats will!

For instance, Kaboo Casino does this pretty sleekly. You can pick your missions and, if you complete them, there’s some super cool bounty awaiting. Free Spins can always come in handy, isn’t that right? Casino Heroes, on the other hand, has a completely unique type of gamification where you explore magical worlds with the help of your chosen Hero Avatar, battle evil Bosses and earn casino bonuses. Pretty neat, huh?


More Gamification Casinos

High Roller

Power Spins


Newest Casino Site in January 2018. This is clearly a high roller place with lots of gamification features that comes with a cool and interactive theme. A must play casino, probably one of the best casinos for 2018. Get ready for the brand new casino for 2017 that offers powerful bonuses and promotions right from the start. You will feel the energy and the rewards each time you spin one of the Online Slots and Progressive Jackpot Games. A different design with a airline/sky theme with an enormous range of online slots and game developers. A must play casino for any online gaming fan.



Visit one of the Best online casinos in Finland and meet the Captain Rizk and Lucky the Super Dog that will guide you through the epic casino adventures. You will also like the wheel of Rizk, an exclusive and unique rewarding feature. An exciting and modern online casino with a great selection of games  


Best Gamification Casinos Top 3

The Best Casinos that Use Gamification

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