Levelling Up as a gamification technique

Levelling up is found in many different games (e.g. Clash of Clans) and it refers to the process by which a player progresses to the next level of her chosen character’s abilities. Levelling up is achieved by completing various tasks and earning experience points. Experience points – sometimes abbreviated as ‘XPs’ or ‘EXPs’ – are the unit of measurement used to track the performance of a player’s character. 

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Gamification techniques bring the fun and interesting aspects of games into mobile gambling and levelling up is no exception. In video games, levelling up involves keeping you interested with regular challenges, keeping you motivated by rewarding you with experience points, and providing you with a sense of achievement at making progression.

Bringing these aspects of levelling up into mobile gambling makes the experience of playing at a casino much more fun and interesting. Levelling up is one of the best (if not the best) means of making you feel like the casino itself is a game to be played. It also has the potential to be developed in imaginative and innovative ways in the future.


Four key things to remember about levelling up are:

  1. Levelling up occurs in situations in which there is a tiered system of levels
  2. Levelling up is achieved through the completion of tasks and the gaining of points
  3. When you level up, you’ll be able to do or access things that you couldn’t before
  4. Levelling up usually occurs in role-playing games i.e. games in which you don’t play as yourself, but play through a character


Levelling up in mobile and online casinos

How is levelling up applied to online gambling? 

  • It will occur in casinos that have a tiered system of levels.
  • Levelling up will be achieved through gaining points by playing lots of different games regularly.
  • Your newly levelled up self will be allowed to access new content that wasn’t available before – unlockable content – or you’ll be allowed to do things that you couldn’t do before.


There are some differences between the way that levelling up appears in casinos and the way that it appears in video games. For instance, while some casinos have adopted the term experience points, other casinos may simply refer to them as points. Furthermore, you’ll notice that in levelling up in video games, there’s an emphasis on role-playing. At online casinos, there may be a small amount of role-playing going on – for instance at Casumo you’re assigned a character (called a casumo) through which you live out your Casumo Adventure – however, in other casinos there may be no role-playing going on, and you will simply play as yourself.


The future of levelling up

Currently, levelling up is not a common feature of casinos. We mentioned levelling up at Casumo and Spin Genie. Casino Room also offers levelling up in the form of their Space Adventure – you level up to different planets to collect new rewards. However, aside from these innovative casinos, levelling up has yet to become a serious feature of online casinos. In the future, we’re likely to see more casinos opting for levelling up.

Additionally, we might start to see further sophistication in levelling up. At the moment, rewards exist in a system of levels, so that when you level up, you unlock free spins and extra cash. In the future, games may be grouped into levels, so that when you level up, you level up to a new cluster of games.

Role-playing may have a bigger role in online casinos, in the future. Perhaps, in the same way that you can select one character to play with from several in a video game, you’ll be able to choose from different characters to play with in casinos, and thus follow a different path through the casino narrative.



Gamification: Levelling Up
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