Casino Tournaments – Which are the best casinos offering tournaments for finnish players

Online casino tournaments can be a quick and fun way of achieving a big win without putting much of your bankroll at risk. The most popular variety are slots tournaments, but several casinos also offer tournaments for blackjack, casino hold’em, roulette and other table games, as well as video poker tournaments.

You enter the tournament and are then given an amount of casino chips to start with. You then have a limited amount of time to try to build the biggest chip stack by playing the tournament game. Some casino tournaments require an entry fee, but there are also many free casino tournaments, known as “freerolls”. 

Top Gamification Casinos

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Best Casinos that offer Tournaments

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Why do casinos use tournaments?

Tournaments make online gambling more interesting, as the goal isn’t only to win money, but to win money by beating your fellow gamblers. Tournaments tap into people’s natural sense of competitiveness, and this can transform a mundane gambling experience into a thrilling one. Going head to head with your fellow gamblers can be very rewarding. You’ll have the chance to win money that would be difficult to win at the casino ordinarily, and you can have this chance with minimal financial input. Tournaments are also rewarding in the sense that it’s not just money you can win, but the glory of coming top of the leaderboard, and the admiration of your peers.

The main reason why casinos use tournaments is that gamblers find them really fun, and it’s a good way of developing a network of loyal customers. In fact, some gamblers find tournaments so fun that it’s where they do the majority of their gambling.


How do you win a tournament?

How you go about winning a tournament depends on what games are involved in the tournament. Succeeding in a Poker tournament will depend, in part, on how skilled a Poker player you are. But succeeding in a tournament involving slot games will be much more luck based.

In order to determine who the winners are in a casino tournament, casinos may compare each player, against the other players, in terms of one (or more) of the following features:

  • Total earnings
  • Total points scored
  • Total number of rounds played


Sit and Go or Scheduled?

As you browse through the tournaments offered by online casinos, you’ll notice that there are two types of tournament that are regularly mentioned 1) Sit and Go and 2) Scheduled. In this section, we’ll explain what they involve, and give you some tips as to which one might be right for you.

Sit and Go

In a Sit and Go tournament, there is no pre-specified start time. The tournament will begin once the minimum number of players that are required have registered. For instance, at a Spin Palace Sit and Go tournament, at least 5 players need to register before the tournament can begin. It is usually the case that people can continue to register once a tournament is under way. So, if you see that a Sit and Go tournament has already started, you could still take part.


A Scheduled tournament starts at a specified time, and finishes at a specified time. You must register before the start time, and you can’t register once the tournament has begun. Scheduled tournaments last much longer than Sit and Go tournaments, with some tournaments lasting as long as a month. There tend to be larger numbers of players in a Scheduled tournament than a Sit and Go, and larger prizes.


Prize pools

The prize pool is the amount of money that can be won in a tournament. Usually, prize pools are divided amongst the top ranked players. So, if you see that the prize pool is €1000, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you could win €1000, it usually means that the top ranked players will get a slice of €1000.

For example, if the prize pool was €1000, it might be divided up as follows:

  • 1st place: €500
  • 2nd place: €250
  • 3rd place: €125
  • 4th place: €125

How many of the top ranking players get a share of the prize pool depends on how many players there are in the tournament. In a Scheduled tournament, because there are more players, the prize pool tends to be divided amongst more people (e.g. the top 5 players). Whereas, in a Sit and Go tournament, prizes tend to be divided among fewer players (e.g. the top 3 players).

As we mentioned, the prize pools in Sit and Go tournaments are smaller than Scheduled tournaments. A prize pool for a Sit and Go tournament could range from €10 to €100,whereas in a Scheduled Tournament, the range is much larger, starting around €1000 and going to €10 000, and sometimes even higher than this.


Entrance fees

Some tournaments have an entrance fee, while others are free to enter. Tournaments that are free to enter are often called Freeroll tournaments. Entrance fees for tournaments vary according to the casino, the tournament, and the games you want to play. They can range from €1 to €30. Sit and Go tournaments tend to be at the cheaper end of the scale, and are often freeroll, whereas Scheduled tournaments may ask for higher entrance fees.


What makes for effective tournaments?

While some mobile casinos offer tournaments, tournaments are not major features of mobile casinos. They are an underexploited gamification technique. So, if you were an online casino and you wanted to create mobile tournaments to increase your mobile traffic, what features would you want your tournament to have? There are three things that are essential for good tournaments.


1. Large Prizes

Big money is a big motivator. It’s the reason that people play the national lottery in the UK. The lottery offers huge jackpots of millions of pounds, and even though your chances of winning are often the same as being struck by lightning (several times), the big money is what drives people to buy a ticket. While online casinos don’t offer such large jackpots in tournaments, they should offer sums of money that would be difficult to win at the casino, ordinarily.


2. Leaderboards

It should be easy to track your progress. A tournament is a genuine thrill if you can see where you rank in it i.e. who is above you and who is below you. A great way to do this is to introduce a tournament leaderboard. But if the leaderboard is slow to update, or difficult to access this will make the tournament less enjoyable, and less motivating. The leaderboard should ideally update in real time, or every 5-10 minutes, so you can have an accurate picture in your mind of where you stand in relation to everyone else. Look out for our article on Community as a gamification technique, where we’ll discuss leaderboards in more depth.


3. Great Games

Finally, it nearly goes without saying that the game or games that a tournament uses should be one or more of the best games the casino has to offer. They shouldn’t roll out their less popular games for tournaments or people won’t want to play them.


Casino Tournaments could be fun

If there is big money to be won, the games are good, and you can easily track your progress, tournaments with these three features have the potential to draw in large crowds and keep those crowds coming back for more. Mobile casinos which offer tournaments will have a significant competitive edge over those that don’t, as so many people really enjoy them. If you’ve yet to experience the thrill of an online casino tournament, give it a go!

Casino Tournaments
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