Casino Communities – Creating a sense of community in online casinos

Multiplayer board games have always had a social element to them. Families and groups of friends often play board games together. Similarly, in many video games, there’s a vibrant online community of players. From the comfort of your living room you can connect and play with people from all over the world, if your games console is internet enabled.

At first glance, online gambling might not seem like a very sociable past-time. Isn’t it just you alone with your computer? Not in these modern times. In fact, there are many ways in which casinos draw on the social aspects of games to make the experience of online gambling sociable, and to create that warm and fuzzy sense of Community.

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User profiles

One way that casinos make gambling more sociable is by allowing users to create profiles. A profile is a collection of information that is all about you. A profile on an online casino could include:

  • Your name (or your gambling alias)
  • What country you live in
  • Your rank (if the casino has a ranking system)
  • An avatar

An avatar is a little image which represents you.

Casino Room and Casumo are examples of casinos that allow gamblers to create user profiles.

Creating user profiles can be a fun way to make gambling more sociable. It’s nice to know that you are not alone, and that there’s a community of people playing alongside you.

Having said that, some people may be put off by the public nature of user profiles, and will be looking for a more private gambling experience. Whether or not a casino opts for user profiles will depend on the type of customers that they are wanting to attract.



A forum is an online space where people can engage with each other over particular topics that interest them. However, as a gamification technique in mobile casinos, forums are surprisingly under-used. There are many websites dedicated to online gambling forums, but we haven’t found an online casino, other than bingo sites, that incorporates a forum into their casino. It’s something that we might see more of in the future, however.

Forums are a good way to bring in new customers, and create loyal customers, as many people will be attracted to the possibility of swapping tips with fellow gamblers. Furthermore, because players will probably use forums to discuss what games they like and what games they don’t, forums can provide useful customer feedback for a casino.


Social media

The creation of social media pages for an online casino could be seen as an additional means of making the casino more sociable. Many casinos have a Facebook page, which allows potential customers to receive the latest news and information about the casino. The real winning point though is the social aspect that is provided. People love playing games with or against their friends, and social casino games only encourage this when they operate on platforms such as Facebook.

There is a downside to creating social media pages for casinos. If the casino only posts bland advertisements, people will tire of it quickly.

Casinos need to ensure that the content on their social media pages is bright, cheerful and enjoyable to read. Some casinos offer weekly Facebook competitions as a means of jazzing up Facebook pages.



So that, it is easy to see why social casinos are on the rise. They give people the chance to play games for fun, with or against their friends, on websites and apps that they spend a lot of their spare time on in the first place. Now everything they need is all in the one place. Social casinos are also a great way for people to relax while still keeping their mind stimulated but in a more enjoyable manner.

Guide to Gamification: Community
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