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Boku provides its customers with the option to pay for purchases through their mobile phone number. This form of mobile payment bills your purchases directly to your mobile network operator, making it particularly convenient when paying a smaller amount of money at a time. Boku’s concept makes it perfect for the igaming industry, making it easier than ever for players to deposit at an online casino.

Founded back in 2003 under the name of Vidicom Ltd. In Chesterfield, the U.K., this provider delivers an accessible digital payment method for players worldwide. Starting with a small number of investors, the path to success led them to Silicon Valley, where the people behind the project managed to find even greater funding and rebranded themselves as Boku Inc. in 2009. Raising more than $91 million in venture capital funding for their mobile payment endeavor over seven years, Boku is made a real change on the market, transforming the way we see mobile phones forever.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at what makes Boku perfect for online gambling and what are the real benefits of using their services.


4+ Casinon Som Accepterar Boku Betalningar


An Introduction to Boku


Boku allows players to make purchases with their phones, being charged vie the mobile operator they use. Every payment is charged through the monthly invoice, and anyone can use it, as long as they have a mobile phone. There are no restrictions on what devices can use Boku, as long as your operator supports their services.

If you see the Boku logo at an online casino, it means that it supports the pay by phone payment option. Many casinos have a mobile version, available on all kinds of platforms, making Boku a great option to deposit money on the same device you use to play.


Real Money Deposits and Withdrawals with Boku


Depositing money at an online casino with Boku is easy – your money will be taken from the mobile phone carrier, preventing any type of possible fraud. Boku is a platform, which uses your phone number to pay in different casinos. You don’t need to enter it each time you pay – Boku saves it for you, making payment processes fast and safe.

To make sure you can use Boku at an online operator, you need to check their dedicated payment methods page. Next, you will need to create your account on the site of the casino, and once you verify it via email or phone, you are ready to make your first deposit.

To do that, click on the “deposit” button at the home page of the casino, where you can choose Boku or the “pay by phone” option. You should be redirected to a payment panel, where you need to enter your phone number and confirm the deposit amount (you don’t need to enter it again for future deposits). The last thing you need to do is to authorize your payment when Boku sends a message to your phone.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when using this payment option. The amount of money you can deposit at once depends on the country you live in. You can’t deposit $100 for example – only smaller payments at a time are allowed. Another thing worth noting is the fact that you can use Boku for deposits only, meaning that you can’t retrieve any winnings this way. The payment process itself is instant, and the money will appear on your casino account in a matter of seconds.


Boku Overview in Numbers



It’s Important to use Boku because of These Advantages


• Boku is the world largest mobile payment services provider, and as such guarantees an unmatched level of security;
• It is an extremely fast process that can take up to a minute in some cases;
• The convenience factor allows for on-the-go payments;
• Boku doesn’t charge you when depositing;
• There is no need to provide a credit card or a bank account.


New Casinos that Accept Boku in 2020


New casinos are embracing the idea of playing the most convenient way possible. Many operators are implementing Boku on their platform, satisfying the player’s needs.

Here at CasinoDaddy.com, we are constantly on the look for the best new operators on the market. You can find our newcomers of 2020 page containing all the new great additions to the online casino family, with a detailed review on every single casino.


Live Casinos that Accept Boku


Live Casinos are a section of an online casino, where you can play all the games at a land-based one. It delivers the true experience to both new and veteran players, with a live dealer that hosts digital versions of your favorite games.

You can deposit money via Boku and try them out in any of the casinos on our list. Boku is perfect for those of us who want to try out playing at a Live Casino, depositing a small sum and wagering our money for even greater profit.


Boku Deposits can be used at Every Major Mobile Casino


Mobile Casinos are where Boku really shines through. The convenience to play and authorize your purchase on the same device makes it possible to have your funds accessible in seconds.

Many casinos are expanding their desktop platforms with a mobile version as well, and some operators are specifically designed for mobile gambling. The future is, quite literally, in our hands.


Boku Mobile Payments



Boku Casinos in the US and Other Countries


 Because it uses your phone bill for depositing money, Boku is extremely popular on an international level. People all around the world are familiar with the pay by phone concept, as many of them use it on a day to day basis for other purchases. Introducing a platform so familiar to users around the world is a recipe for success, and many mobile operators allow the usage of Boku services.

In 2020, Boku has connected to more than 170 carriers and covers over 50 markets. They have offices in all the major countries like the one in San Fransisco for America, London for the UK, and Singapore for the Asia-Pacific Countries. There are several other countries as well, including Idia, Germany, France, China, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Latvia, and Brazil.

Based in the USA, this payment method is perfect for US gamblers, covering the most used providers in the country like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and many others.


Boku Casino Bonuses


Casino bonuses are often what drives players in and out of a certain operator. They are a great way to promote a platform and are beneficial to both the players and the casino. Being one of the more popular payment methods out there, many providers list Boku as a way to collect a large welcome bonus or to claim free spins for an ongoing event.

If you are interested in what are the casino bonuses all about, you can visit our page with the best casino bonuses of 2020. It contains everything you need to know from the different types of bonuses to the best places that offer hot deals. Here are some of the bonuses you may come across at an online casino:

• Cashback Bonuses – A cashback return to all of your losses. The amount can be anywhere between 5%-15% and you can use it on video game titles or live casino games;

• 100% Casino Deposit Bonuses – The most competitive bonus out there. Many operators offer it as a welcome reward once you register on their account and it usually comes with a bunch of Free Spins bonuses.

• Free Spins Bonuses – Speaking of Free Spins, these are free rounds at the hottest slot machine games out there, and are the most common bonus casinos offer these days;

• Exclusive Casino Bonuses – this type of bonus is only obtainable by CasinoDaddy.com readers! Most of them are Boku-friendly and can be anything from cash bonuses, cashback or Free Spins.


Boku Fees and Charges with Online Casinos


All online operators list the deposit and withdrawing methods players can use on their site on a special page you can access without the need to register first. There you will be able to find all the fees, regarding each payment option. As we mentioned previously, Boku doesn’t charge you any extras for using their services.

However, it provides the ability to all of the businesses (such as online casinos) to charge end users. When you find a casino that accepts Boku as a depositing option, it’s important to read carefully through the terms and conditions, to understand how the charges are determined. It may be a flat fee or a percentage, and it is different for every casino.



Boku Deposit and Withdrawal times at Online Casinos


One thing that casinos have in common is the minimum and maximum deposit amounts. They all vary in size but exist in the same margin. For example, a common bottom value of a minimum deposit is anywhere between $10-$20, and a maximum withdrawing sum can be $5,000-$10,000.

When it comes to withdrawals, it is important to remember that not every deposit option can be used when you want to withdraw your winnings. Boku is a good example since it’s designed with smaller sums in mind, directly billed to your phone invoice. You can’t withdraw money with it, but it is one of the safest options when it comes to depositing.

In recent years Boku has expanded its payment functionalities and offers wallet-like functionality, multiple refund options, and a subscription product that offers greater flexibility to the businesses that use their platform.


Boku Safety Standards




Some Important Questions and Answers about Boku Casinos 

đź’­ Can I withdraw with Boku?

No, you can’t. It is only possible to deposit via Boku, and given the fact that it uses your phone bill to make purchases, it simply wouldn’t be possible.

đź’­ Is Boku available to players in the US?

Yes. Boku is available all throughout the US and it covers every major carrier in existence.

đź’­ How safe is Boku?

Boku’s two-step authentication makes it safe to use. There are no credit cards involved, and you can’t deposit a large sum of money, meaning that it won’t hurt your budget either.

đź’­ Why should I choose Boku and not any other pay by phone method?

Boku is the world’s largest mobile payment services provider, and it has a great reputation among players. It is widely accessible, with great customer support, a high level of security and instantaneous results.

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